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                WHAT WE DO

                Passion for Fashion

                The story began in 2008 when Jeroen Herms from Holland and Sophie Bi from China created BSK Fashion Bags. Initially as a Guangzhou based trading company in bags and accessories. But soon they realized that they could make much better bags at a better price when they would have more control over production and sourcing. So it was decided to open up the first 100% owned BSK Fashion bag factory in 2011.?We believe Jeroen and Sophie are the perfect business partners for you. Sophie was born in Huadu, a city famous for it’s many bag producers. The production of bags and all surrounding activities have been a big part of her daily live as long as she can remember. Combine this with the Dutch direct and straight forward no-nonsense management approach of Jeroen and you get a golden synergy, destined to be succesful. And it is!

                Myanmar & China: 2 excellent locations

                Nowadays BSK has 2 major production locations:

                HUADU, CHINA In China we have a 2000 sqm factory in the bag making city of Huadu, Guangzhou, with 250+ staff. Our support staff for design, sourcing and administration also reside in China. YANGON, MYANMAR Recently we have opened a brand new 6000 sqm, state of the art factory with 500+ staff capable of producing multiple high volume items simultaneously. Here we have put together our years of experience to create a highly efficient factory. The large capacity keeps the pricing very low. WIth the addition of Myanmar we are ready for the future.

                BSCI, because we CARE

                Since 2014 BSK is a proud member of BSCI. BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and it means we do not only care about making beautiful bags, but we also spend time and resources in doing that in a safe and social responsible way. We supply additional support for our local staff and communities by creating a fair and responsible working environment for everybody involved. OUr most recent audits which we succesfully passed: CHINA BSCI (Valid until March 2019) MYANMAR BSCI A status (Valid until February 2020) Myanmar Inditex audit Myanmar Luxotica audit In addition, our Myanmar management is in a 15 months ILO training program in order to make the gap between management, middle management and production staff as small as possible. ILO stands for International Labor Organization and is a very active? in Myanmar. They are alway looking to find the right balance in the laborer – employer relationship.

                Our own brand: Chavelli

                Chavelli is BSK’s own trademarked brand. Created for customers without a brand of their own, we can supply a broad range of items under the Chavelli brand name. We have a strong design team to update or create new models in any category you would like.

                We love happy customers

                During the last years BSK has become a stable, reliable and trustworthy partner for several large chainstores and brands in Europa, the middle east and America. The western management style of Mr. Herms brings our customers a direct advantage over competitors, especially where service-level, delivery times and prices are concerned. We are your first choice OEM – Private label supplier for bags.

                Private label / OEM / Wholesale bags

                Wether it’s wholesale, OEM or Private Label, we are confident we can be your reliable, stable and cost efficient production partner. We are a super specialist in bag making, and rank as the top manufacturer in the bag making world. We make your bag or accessory with your brand, design and concept and most important: according to your quality standards. Fully customized if needed. Some of our clients don’t want us to supply a brand for them. Therefore we created our Chavelli range which has a number of proven designs to choose from. So we can supply both the bag and the brand in a wide range of products. Even when you don’t have your own brand yourself.

                OUR MISSION

                We want to be the best private label / OEM / wholesale bag supplier. – In price, quality and delivery time. – For big and small projects. – In a sustainable way. – Socially responsible. We are striving towards a situation where all our efforts and actions benefit the list above.

                Amazing price/quality ratio

                We made sure to control most parts of the production process. (We have cut out many middleman.) This vertical integration efforts allows us to be more stable and faster at lower prices. And for you, our clients, you are talking directly to us, the factory, there are no agents in between. Our ability to allocate and distribute our resources efficiently over 2 factories, is decreasing lead times, even for high volume orders. On top of that we know the bag business very well. We know the supply chain, the quality standards and what to do to make the right quality for the right price.