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                Quality @ every step

                In all production and manufacturing environments quality is the magic word which will make you succesful. For us at BSK it’s not just a word, but a method integrated in every aspect of bag making. Customized to what we do, and how we know to do it best.

                QUALITY BEFORE

                It all starts with our clients who in fact define the quality levels and we make sure we exceed their standards. If needed we add some in house manufactering of accessories, to make sure all parts  meet the quality standards we and our clients demand. An incoming goods check is standard.

                QUALITY DURING

                All staff is well trained and know what to do, and how to do it. On top of that at all times our QC staff is cruising up and down the production lines to keep a continuous eye on all phases of the assebmly line. They can intervene and be of production assistance for all staff directly, on the spot.

                QUALITY AFTER

                At the end of each line all finished products are directly being checked. Doing this enables a constant quality output, with either a 1000 or a million pieces all meeting the desired standards. We do have a dedicated QC room for 3rd party QC checking.

                Incoming fabric check.